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Hitting the Campsite: Activities for Your Children

Rainy Day Arts and Crafts

On the days where you don’t want to be out near the campfire or not exploring the wilderness because of the rain, you can do a ton of interesting crafts. What makes these crafts perfect for families with children is that they are all age appropriate! Any child can do them and they pass the time wonderfully! Printable worksheets are perfect for children who love to color! Plus, there are so many that you can get online for free that they become a great educational resource. You can also have your children collect rocks when it is not raining and have them paint them, or you can do window nature art. Window nature art requires you to find a piece of nature (leaves, pine cones, bark, etc.) and place it either to paper or hang it up with string. Of course for these crafts you will need paint as well as: paper, tape, and string. This gives you a memento to bring home from your trip.

Another craft that takes a little bit more work and is age appropriate for children 10+ are stick vases. You will need to bring Mason jars with you and either wood glue or super sticky glue. Basically, you have your children find sticks out in the wilderness that are a few inches taller than the Mason jars that you brought along. Have your children collect enough to go all the way around each jar and then have them glue them to the outside of the jar, leaving no see-able spaces between the sticks.

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