family camping and making s'mores

Hitting the Campsite: Activities for Your Children

Campfire Food and Delicious Treats

This is probably one of the most enjoyed things when one goes camping. You get to eat all kinds of campfire food, which often translates into a lot of junk food. This of course will definitely make your children excited about hitting the great outdoors. But rather than just eating all the good food, you can make the preparation of the food into an interesting activity. For instance, rather than buying trail mix from your local grocery store, head out to a bulk food store before going to the campsite. Instruct your children on how to go about picking out foods for their very own trail mix bag. Pairing salty and sweet foods is the best way to go which may include: peanuts, M&Ms, cashews, almonds, and so on. Not only will this get them out of the house, they will have something to look forward to when camping. This is a 7+ age appropriate activity.

Home made trail mix
An example of home made trail mix, easy to make, and fun for kids.

Create campfire calzones! This is actually quite easy and only requires a few ingredients. You will need bread, aluminum foil, pepperoni and cheese! Tell your children to take two pieces of bread and lay them down flat in the aluminum foil. Have them put cheese and pepperoni on one slice and then have them put the other slice on top to create a sandwich. Wrap it up and have an adult toast them on the open fire. This is a 6+ age appropriate activity.

For more campfire meal ideas, see one of our other posts for ideas about making foil hobo dinners.  These are something that the kids can help assemble after the parents prepare the ingredients.  And it’s a great learning activity for kids.  This is a 10+ age appropriate activity.

You can also always do s’mores permitting you have a good way of roasting them over the open fire. You can have the children assemble them and then have an adult actually do the toasting. Assembling them doesn’t take much and it is an all age appropriate activity.

If you are looking for other types of snacks that might be healthier for your children. Always consider bringing along apples and peanut butter. They are great for providing energy for those who are going to be doing more extraneous activities like hiking, swimming or biking.

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